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Our History

On September 16th, 1939, on the corner of a dirt street plaza in Mesilla, New Mexico, a twenty-five year old Katy Griggs opened a “little chile joint” and named it La Posta. Her uncle, George Griggs, was one of the more renowned merchant families in Mesilla and owned the compound. He loved his niece and appreciated her energetic personality so much that he sold her the property that would become La Posta for “one dollar, love and affection.” With just four tables on a dirt floor and her mother cooking in the back of the same room with no running water, Katy greeted guests and manned the cash register. Those that visited La Posta on opening day remember the large crowd who came to taste her New Mexican food dishes prepared from century-old recipes handed down over the years from the Fountain, Chavez and Griggs Families.

Katy welcomed each table with a free bowl of tostadas and chile, a tradition she started in the Mesilla Valley in 1939 and which we today refer to as “chips and salsa” – a staple of the Southwestern diet.

As the story goes, Katy ran out of food that first day a few hours before closing. She tearfully apologized to those who ventured to Mesilla to taste her cuisine, vowing never to let that happen again. Katy quickly gained a reputation as a hard working, shrewd yet smart business woman. Over the years, La Posta became a favorite dining spot for locals and visitors alike. It was not unusual to find yourself dining next to a head of state or visiting dignitaries. Rumor has it that such famous personalities as Sam Donaldson, Val Kilmer, Cheryl Crow, Sam Elliott and George Foreman, to mention a few, have dined at La Posta on occasion. In fact, a few former Presidents have enjoyed La Posta “To Go!"

Throughout many years, it was clear this remained Katy’s “chile joint." Until she passed away in 1993, you would still find Katy in the kitchen or visiting with guests, sharing a few jokes that today might make a sailor blush. More often than not, you could find Katy slipping out the back door and loading up the trunk of her car with freshly prepared food to deliver to those in need.

Today, we capture the heart of Katy’s legacy and passion in every jar of salsa and deliver it straight to your door. We take pride in our cultural heritage and recipes which we want to share with you, no matter where you call home.

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La Posta De Mesilla

2410 Calle De San Albino
Mesilla, NM 88046

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